One of my 30-or-so New Year’s resolutions is to breathe a bit more activity into this blog. I’ll start with an update. Wise Patient has grown rapidly this past year. More than 1050 active primary care patients currently belong to the practice. I am surprised how close I feel to a group that large. It helps that they are incredibly interesting people who are willing to share their experiences and ideas. Even with all three exam rooms going, the clinic feels like an intimate neighborhood medical office. I am inspired to work with such a thorough, smart, and humanistic medical staff – Meghan, Hadley, and Pearl. How lucky we were when Rachel Beda joined Wise Patient as a part-time physician this past Autumn. Since residency I have looked up to Rachel as an exceptionally gifted doctor and patient advocate. Not surprisingly, her patients see the same in her!

What to expect from Wise Patient in 2015?  We pledge to listen to your ideas as we work to innovate and improve health communication and teamwork within Primary Care. Primary Care is about patient empowerment and personal respect.  It is about getting the right information to the right patient at the right time, and respecting what that patient decides to do with the information. Thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement, feedback, and suggestions. Please keep it coming.


Sam Warren


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