I have always sought a doctor who acted as a partner in my health management rather than as an overseer and I have finally found it in Dr. Warren and Wise Patient Internal Medicine.

Dr. Warren has the requisite stellar top-tier education credentials and in-depth clinical experience that for me is solely the entry point into a medical provider selection process. Dr. Warren is the first provider I have interacted with, however, that has truly expanded upon that top tier knowledge and expertise. He has tapped into his evident passion for primary care and carefully thought through how to implement leading-edge techniques on the communication and delivery of that medicine. It is truly unique to find a top provider in all these important elements combined and in one place.

The practical result is a new and innovative clinic that is completely electronic and digital. I have an astounding amount of timely access to my test results, assessment notes, and can easily message Dr. Warren and his top notch team and schedule appointments – all on the secure web portal. This is a significant benefit for me as a frequent traveling business executive and creates a hyper-efficient method to efficiently manage the logistics of my health care. Even more importantly it provides me timely access to the information I need to be a well informed patient. I can then ask quality questions about the path of my health care decisions. I do not feel “screened” from any new information on my health as Dr. Warren has the personal confidence in himself, and also me as the patient to analyze the evolving situations together. Dr. Warren and I can then act as partners in making crucial decisions and he spends all the time necessary (and more) to verbally review the statistics and options available to make those decisions. I finally feel empowered by the whole expert medical communication and delivery process – I am truly a “Wiser” patient.

This is the innovative future of primary medicine, and I appreciate Dr. Warren opening Wise Patient Internal Medicine. We are already well on our way to resolving lingering legacy health issues and I am experiencing vastly improved health. I encourage others to try out Wise Patient and experience these benefits as well.

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