If you are not familiar with the potential ways that financial conflicts of interest can influence healthcare providers, check out my blog entry on the topic.

Otherwise, here are Wise Patient’s potential financial conflicts of interest, dating from July 2011 when I first took out a state business license for Wise Patient.

Paid consultant work:
2012: Dr. Warren has served as a paid consultant to Verathon Inc, a company based in Bothell that develops, manufactures, and distributes medical devices used by healthcare providers.  http://verathon.com.  None of Verathon’s devices is of the nature to be sold directly to patients.

Reimbursement for travel expenses:
2007-2011: Dr. Warren was a volunteer member of the Research Task Force, American Heart Association Get With The Guidelines – Resuscitation.  Necessary travel expenses were reimbursed.

Sponsored meals:
3/20/2013: Genelex provided dinner to accompany discussion about their YouScript software and DNA test panel for genetic variants in common drug metabolizing enzymes.

Ownership of publicly traded stocks:
Dr. Warren does not own individual stocks in pharmaceutical companies or medical device companies.  He does own mutual funds recommended to him by a financial advisor that he figures surely must contain some companies that are healthcare related though he has not researched exactly which companies those are.

Dr. Warren has no other financial relationships to commercial products or services he may recommend to his patients, including medications, supplements, books, diets, websites, exercise programs, or anything else. Dr. Warren is annoyed when health providers choose to sell the same commercial products they recommend as treatments, unless there is an exceptionally compelling justification to do so. 

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