Schedule online, check in online.

Scheduling a new-patient appointment online is easy. Here is how:

  1. Create a Patient Portal account.
  2. Choose an appointment time.
  3. Write your reason(s) for making the appointment into the text box.
  4. Enter your basic demographic information, emergency contact, and insurance information.

…or, just call us (206-466-5937) and we will be happy to talk you through creating your Patient Portal account.

Scheduling an established patient appointment online is easier yet:

For predetermined follow-up, we will have posted a “recommended appointment” to your patient portal that specifies the appointment length and description. We will have sent you an email reminder. You just have to log in and choose from the times available. For a new or more pressing medical concern, just click “request appointment” from the main appointment section. You will be asked to type in your reason and your preferred day-of-week and morning vs. afternoon.

…or, just call us at (206)466-5937 and we’ll book your appointment over the phone.

Checking in to your appointment online is easy. Here is why we recommend it:

1. It is painful for us to see you sitting in our waiting room trying to brace a clipboard against your knee to handwrite demographic, insurance, or health information. For one, it is bad for your back!

2.  It is painful for you to eat up some of your appointment time squinting through the size-8-font paperwork of registration and consent forms.

3.  Your appointment will be better planned and more productive when we know some of your medical concerns and medical background before you arrive.

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