What are out-of-pocket costs?

In this case, out-of-pocket refers to the amount charged to you at time of your appointment, which is beyond the cost of the health insurance premium paid by you and/or your employer. Depending on your insurance plan, your out-of-pocket costs can include a “co-pay” which is a fixed-amount you pay out-of-pocket each time you visit a doctor, a “co-insurance” which is a percentage of the cost of your care that you pay out-of-pocket, and an “annual deductible” which is an amount of your care you pay in-full and out-of-pocket every new year before your insurance plan begins to pay anything.

Collection of Insurance Co-Payments

Co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and any other patient responsibility balances are due at time of service. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Checks, Debit Card, Visa and MasterCard.

Returned Checks

There will be a $25 charge for checks that are returned due to non-sufficient funds, closed accounts, etc.

Missed Appointment Without Appropriate Notice

Our practice understands that problems arise, kids get sick, traffic in Seattle is terrible, and things happen. We’ve been there too. However, in order to sustain our small practice, we must assess a fee to patients who cancel/change their appointment within 24 hours of the appointment start time, patients who don’t show up for their scheduled appointment, or patients who are greater than 25 minutes late for their appointment.

By signing our practice’s consent forms you are agreeing to these terms.

Please make sure that you are receiving our practice emails which include appointment reminder emails 2 business days before your appointment (mark us as a safe sender so they don’t go to your Spam box!). You can also sign up for text appointment reminders by asking a staff member or signing up on your patient portal. Unless you choose not to, you will also receive reminder phone calls 2 business days prior to your appointment. All of these reminders are meant to help ensure you remember the scheduled time of your appointment and are able to make changes to it outside the 24 hour window if necessary.

$50 fee for the following:
Appointment cancelled within 24hrs of appointment start time
Appointment date changed within 24hrs of appointment start time
Patient doesn’t show up for scheduled appointment
Patient is >20 minutes late for an appointment (Wise Patient may charge this fee if they deem, at their own discretion, that they are unable to see you based on your tardiness and our schedule availability for the day)

If >3 no-show/late cancellation fees are incurred, the charge is increased to $100.

Any patient or prospective patient who incurs three appointments missed or cancelled less than 24 hours prior to appointment time may be refused to join the practice or asked to find another provider who can better accommodate their schedule.

Cash or Credit Card Payment in Full, for appointments not mediated by insurance companies

This is the most straightforward appointment type, and the least bureaucratic. The main hassle is that we ask you to sign a paper that says you don’t intend to request reimbursement from a third party such as an insurance agency. That’s a legal thing for us. From there, the breakout is as simple as this:

New Patient Appointment: $200 paid at time of service
Established Patient, 30 minutes: $150
Established Patient, 15 minutes: $100
Annual Preventative Exam, age 50+: $200
Annual Preventative Exam, age under 50: $150


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