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Thomas B. – TestimonialDr. Warren is the best personal physician I’ve ever known. The experience is truly one of working together towards better health.
Ashish B. – TestimonialThis is an amazing clinic. You actually get to talk to the doctor and come back feeling like all your questions are answered. The ability to view records, information online is very helpful. Always get a quick response online. Thanks!
David M. – TestimonialExcellent diagnostic skills and communications with patients. Dr. Warren and staff provided me excellent care.
Ryan K. – TestimonialHealthcare can be a vast and complicated thing to navigate. WPIM’s strategy makes them an amazingly effective “home-base” that simplifies the process of getting care and understanding the facts — making me more empowered to live the healthiest life I can.
Vaclav D. – TestimonialI am glad I chose Dr. Warren as my primary care physician because of his medicinal knowledge, extensive medical experience and his understandable and human approach to every patient. Wise Patient Internal Medicine clinic is well organized and manged with up-to-date medical approach.
George P. – TestimonialDr. Warren takes the concept of whole person care seriously. He is a thoughtful, caring, communicative, and response doctor. I feel fortunate to have him as my primary physician.
Jarmila D. – TestimonialI am very excited to have finally found a doctor who spends time to get to know his patients, is interested about all aspects of their life, which could affect their health, is warm and engaging, extremely easy to talk to, and very uplifting. I e-mailed Dr. Sam on a Saturday expecting his answer the [...]
Robert M. – TestimonialI feel I’m finally getting my life back. Thanks Dr. Sam.
Brad W. – TestimonialDr. Warren is extremely detail oriented. He listens to my needs, takes great time and care in explaining conditions and options, and I know I am not simply a number, but a valued patient.
Rhema B. – TestimonialTwenty-first century care with compassion. Thank you for doing it right.
Michael L. – TestimonialAs a physician, I am very discerning in choosing a doctor, and I made an excellent choice in Wise Patient. Dr. Warren is a superb physician on every level: a skilled clinician who practices with wisdom, experience, and up to date knowledge of the rapidly changing world of medicine. He is also graced with compassion, [...]
Tim G. – TestimonialFinally a personal physician who is enthusiastic and informed about you and your health. Dr. Warren obviously has great clinical experience at the highest levels. What is special and truly uniques is how Dr. Warren and his staff hustle for you and strive to provide timely and excellent care and advice. And they said a [...]
Eileen – TestimonialThanks Eileen for the shout-out on West of Whimsy’s creative online newsletter!
Brian R. – TestimonialI have always sought a doctor who acted as a partner in my health management rather than as an overseer and I have finally found it in Dr. Warren and Wise Patient Internal Medicine. Dr. Warren has the requisite stellar top-tier education credentials and in-depth clinical experience that for me is solely the entry point [...]
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