“We are a small neighborhood clinic on Capitol Hill that leverages communication technologies to be as connected, coordinated, and accountable as any large institution, but more personal.”

– Sam Warren, M.D., M.Sc., Medical Director, Wise Patient Internal Medicine.

When you make Wise Patient your medical home:

You will be listened to

We will take time to understand your values and personal vision of healthiness. We will listen well to the symptoms you are experiencing so our diagnoses will be more accurate and your treatment more effective. We will take time to reassure you, so you leave the clinic with confidence. Discussing options with patients is a responsibility we take seriously. We will take excellent care of you and provide you with information to help you take care of yourself.

Your care will be more proactive

A fundamental flaw with our health care system is that doctors get paid more for providing sick care – reactive medicine – than for helping you prevent disease – proactive medicine. At Wise Patient, we see prevention as one of our major responsibilities. We aim to prevent diseases, and help you avoid the damaging complications of your existing conditions.

You will take part in decisions about your care

We believe information is a critical tool for better health so we invest in your health education. We want to be confident that you and the Wise Patient Team are on the same page. When we share statistics about disease risk to you, we will personalize them to your unique situation. Correctly interpreting medical studies is a passion that led Dr. Warren to seek advanced training in Epidemiology – the scientific study of why different diseases affect different people in different ways.

Your healthy lifestyle will be our priority

Your health is highly influenced by nutrition and physical activity. Be assured however, you don’t have to be a “nutrition nut” to gain advantages from healthy eating. Nor do you have to be “athletic” to develop a personalized activity plan that will help you achieve the best weight for you and prevent heart disease, stroke, depression, and cancer. A healthy lifestyle does take some planning, and we can help you with that. We love to see people set goals for themselves.

Your health will benefit from our independence

Wise Patient is not influenced by the financial motivations of a large institution. If we refer you for outside testing or to an outside specialist, you can be confident that we believe it is in your best interest. Dr. Warren and Dr. Beda know Seattle’s specialists well. When you need it, they will refer you to the most qualified specialist for your unique situation, without external pressure to refer you to one particular hospital’s group. Similarly, Wise Patient places no limitations on where you can be hospitalized.

Your care will begin before you walk through our door

The Wise Patient team begins each morning with our “Morning Huddle” where we preview the day’s scheduled visits and how we want each to go. When you arrive for your appointment at Wise Patient, we want you to feel like an expected guest.

Your busy schedule will be respected

We want it to be rare that you wait. To that end, we will ask you to provide us with a practical amount of pre-visit information and to show up on time. Our system of work flow emphasizes preparation and time awareness. We pledge to continually improve our scheduling methods to maintain your access to the clinic, including for same-day and short-notice appointments.

Your medical record will be electronic

We believe in the power of the Electronic Health Record (EHR). A good EHR will make your medical care safer, more successful, and more efficient. A good EHR is decidedly more private than paper records. When Dr. Warren designed Wise Patient Internal Medicine, he spent a lot of time choosing the right EHR. Before he signed with AthenaHealth he flew himself to Boston to visit their headquarters. With AthenaHealth, Wise Patient is able to exchange key information with other providers and hospitals electronically. All medical tasks such as lab and imaging tests are tracked until results are available, and overdue results are flagged for follow-up. We can use our EHR to generate lists of our patients who have concerning test values or are behind in screening measures. That is powerful.

You will have your own personal online Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is an easy way to see and schedule upcoming appointments, exchange messages with the Wise Patient Team, review your medications and test results, and access Dr. Warren’s and Dr. Beda’s full assessment and plan after each visit. This level of access should help guide your personal research and record keeping of your medical conditions, and help you share information with your other providers. Our Patient Portal is fully certified at the absolute highest level of federal and State health care privacy standards, including bank-level encryption and full HIPPA privacy certification.

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