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Wise Patient Direct is a membership primary care service – think gym membership – that optimizes your access to your personal physician, who is motivated to be there for you. In Wise Patient Direct, you pay a flat monthly fee for all primary care services and we don’t bill your insurance company. It’s that simple. No co-pay. No co-insurance. You get personalized comprehensive care, decreased wait times for appointments, and enhanced communication with your physician and health coaches beyond the exam room.

The membership is pay as you go, no down payment, no minimal term, and you can discontinue at any time without penalty. DPC allows the doctor a smaller more exclusive practice, about one third of a normal practice size. With fewer total patients, a physician can provide more detailed care which should result in healthier happier patients. DPC is an innovative way to deliver primary care that is catching on across the country.

The Wise Patient Direct Membership Fee is: $100/month.  Among the reasons patients have cited for choosing a DPC practice are:

  • more comprehensive care

  • better access to their personal physician beyond office visits

  • improved fitness and lifestyle tracking

  • decreased monthly health costs (when paired with a low-premium high deductible insurance plan)

  • major discounts for common medical tests

  • better long-distance care while working and traveling.

Washington State is fully on board with direct primary care.  Permanent law RCW 48.150 “Direct Patient-Provider Primary Health Care” can be accessed at http://tinyurl.com/kt627jy. It is well written and full of appropriate patient protections. This law emphasizes that DPC practices do not bill insurance for primary care services and that patients may discontinue their membership at any time.


Doctor-patient interactions will generally fit into one of these four categories:

1) On The Fly: Written messages on the portal or via text message.

2) Phone Care: 15 minute (or less) conversations scheduled into the MD’s workday.

3) Face to Face Focused Appointments: Usually limited to 1-2 topics.

4) Face to Face Overview Appointments: Ideally once every 6 months. Not required but highly encouraged master strategy sessions about ‘the big picture’ and how to achieve your long-term health goals.

5)  Once Yearly Full Physical Exam: Dr. Warren sometimes uses handheld ultrasound technology within this physical exam.

6) Fitness Tracking: This can take many forms depending on technology preference of patient.


Want to learn more? The specific details of Wise Patient Direct can be found in these four documents:

1. Wise Patient Direct Services Guide: lists what is included in the monthly membership fee and what is not.

2. Wise Patient Direct Terms and Conditions: the agreement you would sign to participate.

3. Frequently Asked Questions: common questions about Wise Patient Direct.

Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions.


Sam Warren, MD, MSc and Rachel Beda, MD

Co-owners, Wise Patient Internal Medicine, PLLC

*Are you a Medicare enrollee? There is a seperate Wise Patient Direct Option for Medicare Enrollees – Go here for more information: http://imwisepatient.com/medicare-enrollee-option/


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