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Meet Dr. Beda

Dr. Beda joined Dr. Warren at Wise Patient Internal Medicine in 2015. She is deeply committed to providing outstanding medical care with a focus on equity, empathy, and social justice.  Her practice considers each patient’s individuals needs and strives to accommodate everyone. In addition to general primary care, Dr. Beda’s particular interests include providing gender-affirming care for transgender and genderqueer people, mental health, and medical weight loss. She is passionate about getting outdoors, and would love to help you plan any medical aspects of your next adventure, from summits to finish lines.

  • Unlimited Visits with Dr. Beda

  • Longer Appointment Times

  • Secure, HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging with Medical Staff

  • Phone and Video Appointments

  • Major Discounts For Common Medical Labs and Tests

  • Better Long-Distance Care While Working And Traveling


Dr. Beda is currently accepting transgender and gender non-conforming patients under the insurance billing model (including United Healthcare Community Plan). 

Washington State Is Fully On Board

Washington State is fully on board with direct primary care. Permanent law RCW 48.150 “Direct Patient-Provider Primary Health Care” can be accessed at http://tinyurl.com/kt627jy. It is well written and full of appropriate patient protections. This law emphasizes that DPC practices do not bill insurance for primary care services and that patients may discontinue their membership at any time.

Categories of Care

Doctor-patient interactions will generally fit into one of these six categories:

  • On The Fly: Written messages on the portal or via text message.

  • Phone Care: 15 minute (or less) conversations scheduled into the MD’s workday.

  • Face to Face Focused Appointments: Usually limited to 1-2 topics.

  • Face to Face Overview Appointments: Ideally once every 6 months. Not required but highly encouraged master strategy sessions about ‘the big picture’ and how to achieve your long-term health goals.

  • Once Yearly Full Physical Exam: Dr. Beda sometimes uses handheld ultrasound technology within this physical exam.

  • Fitness Tracking: This can take many forms depending on technology preference of patient.

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Dr. Beda will be on vacation from late July through the beginning of September. In this time, she won’t be seeing patients. However, her practice partner Dr. Naomi Lee, will be happy to see her patients in the interim. Please start scheduling with Dr. Lee and NOT Dr. Warren to continue your care during the summer. Read more about Dr. Lee by clicking on her page in the Menu above!