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Membership Medicine

Membership Medicine is a primary care service – think gym membership – that optimizes your access to your personal physician, who is motivated to be there for you.

  • The quality of your medical care. The average time a primary care physician spends with each patient is debated. Whatever that average is, we blow the doors off it at Wise Patient and will never compromise your health by overbooking our schedules. Additionally, our patients get access to steeply discounted cash-price blood tests and off-site medical imaging we have negotiated on their behalf. 

  • The quality of your lifestyle care. We invest in providing you with a growing list of lifestyle health opportunities at no-extra cost via our voucher program and other community partnerships.  As a member of Wise Patient, each year you can access a set of vouchers for free services from one of our community health partners. Currently, those partners are MoveMendZum FitnessRenewtrition, and Katelyn Page Fitness. The value of each set of vouchers measures in the hundreds of dollars and the feedback from our patients on these experiences has been overwhelmingly positive.  

  • The quality of your physicians. To recruit and retain the very best physicians to Wise Patient, we create a doctoring experience that resembles what that physician envisioned when they first entered medical school. 

Direct Primary Care is increasingly recognized as the gold standard for primary care.  

The Washington state legislature recognizes Direct Primary Care as “an innovative, affordable option which could improve access to medical care, reduce the number of people who now lack such access, and cut down on emergency room use for primary care purposes”.  

A large actuarial study found that Direct Primary Care members had fewer ER visits/costs, 25% lower hospital admissions, and lower risk-adjusted claim costs.  

The Milliman Consulting Firm now has expanded their recommendation for Direct Primary Care to many small employers and self-insured larger employers.  

The Wise Patient Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership Fee is: $100/month. The Concierge Medicine (CM) Membership Fee is: $75/month. 

The membership is a flat rate, no down payment, no minimal term, and you can discontinue at any time without penalty.It allows the doctor a smaller more exclusive practice, about one third of a normal practice size. With fewer total patients, a physician can provide more detailed care which should result in healthier happier patients. Membership Medicine is an innovative way to deliver primary care that is catching on across the country. 

Washington State Is Fully On Board

Washington State is fully on board with direct primary care. Permanent law RCW 48.150 “Direct Patient-Provider Primary Health Care” can be accessed at It is well written and full of appropriate patient protections. This law emphasizes that DPC practices do not bill insurance for primary care services and that patients may discontinue their membership at any time.

All of our physicians currently have a waitlist. Please call us at (206) 466-5937 so we can add your information to that list and we’ll call you when an opening becomes available. If you are seeking Gender-Affirming Care, Dr. Beda has some limited availability now.

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