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Fitness and Health Vouchers – Included in Every Wise Patient Membership: 

When you join Wise Patient as a Direct Primary Care Member, you can choose one voucher set per year with any of our partners listed below, depending on whether you are looking for help getting back into exercise, optimizing your nutrition, or training for a specific goal. 

These vouchers let you sample lifestyle services that are normally between $150-$240 per session, and they are included for no extra charge with your Direct Primary Care membership!  

NOTE: If you enjoy the services and wish to continue after you have used your vouchers, those would be out-of-pocket expenses not included with your membership and arranged with the business providing the service.  

Here’s an overview of the current vouchers available, with more being added every year.

MoveMend Voucher Program – 3 voucher package

  • 60 min Physio Coaching Assessment
  • 2 Weeks of App Programming
    • 2-3 workouts per week identifying the top deficit areas found in the assessment. There is no coach communication through the app (ie. no Q&A texting)
  • 15 min Zoom follow up in ~ 2 weeks – check progress, give feedback on performance of initial program

You can learn more at https://movemend.info/

Katelyn Page Fitness Voucher Program – Choose between a 2 week membership x2 for classes or 2 private personal training sessions  

Katelyn Page is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and fitness professional who creates intelligent personal training plans with custom workouts to help you reach your fitness goals efficiently. Your voucher allows you to choose between two 2-week membership for her live or on-demand classes, or 2 private personal training sessions – whichever is a best fit for you! 

Group classes are intentionally challenging to give students something to work towards and help you gauge your progress. Katelyn guides students on a general and individual level to help prevent injuries and achieve proper form to get the most out of the exercise. 

Private sessions include 50 minutes of: 

  • Targeted stretching 
  • Custom Tailored workouts to help you reach your fitness goals 
  • A workout customized to any muscular imbalances that effect your posture and joint alignment. 
  • And more!  

You can learn more at https://www.katelynpagefitness.com/ 

Zum Fitness Voucher Program – 3 personal training sessions  

Zum fitness is a fitness organization offering personal training, group workouts, and classes through a warm, encouraging, and supportive environment. Their approach to fitness is rooted in life performance, physical therapy principles, and teaching you to be gentle on your body so you can do the things you love.  

ZUM is uniquely suited to introduce hands-on personal training to people who have had difficulties with fitness due to their perceived physical limitations. When you choose ZUM for their voucher set, Joe DeShaw, General Manager, will first contact you by phone to learn your goals and baseline fitness so he can match them to the expertise of one of ZUM’s trainers. 

Your voucher through Wise Patient allows for 3 free personal training sessions with one of their expert trainers. You can learn more at https://zumfitness.com/

Confident Nutrition – 1-hour Nutrition Mindset Session and 1 30-minute coaching session  

Shelly Najjar is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, with a master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition. She is also the founder of Confident Nutrition. She has a deep passion for promoting wellness from a non-diet intuitive eating approach. Shelly works with you to improve your health with NO off-limits foods, so you can live the life you love, have energy, and feel amazing… all WHILE enjoying the foods you love. 

During your session with Shelly, you’ll clarify where you are, where you’d like to be, and get some personalized next steps in living the life you love without a diet constraining you.  

Your Wise Patient vouchers provide a free 1-hour Nutrition Mindset session with Shelly, plus 1 30-minute coaching session to help you reach your goals faster than you would on your own. You can learn more at: http://confidentnutritionnow.com/