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Independent Primary Care

The greatest accomplishments in medicine are achieved through teamwork.

Why then, is Wise Patient’s independence a core component of its mission to be the smartest and most compassionate primary care clinic in Seattle?

Being administratively independent from large medical institutions allows Wise Patient greater clarity of thought and transparency as a primary care clinic.

Wise Patient is not influenced by the financial motivations of a large institution.

If we refer you for outside testing or to an outside specialist, you can be confident that we believe it is in your best interest. Dr. Warren, Dr. Beda, and Dr. Lee know Seattle’s specialists well. When you need it, they will refer you to the most qualified specialist for your unique situation, without external pressure to refer you to one particular hospital’s group.

Similarly, Wise Patient has no extra pressure to refer patients to procedures and tests that reimburse that institution more favorably.

Our patients are never charged an extra “facility fee” for their visit, and we place no limitations on where you can be hospitalized.

So long as the electronic health record technology continues to allow robust interaction between primary care physicians and other healthcare providers and institutions, Wise Patient has the power to improve patient health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and decrease healthcare costs.