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How can direct primary care help your business?

Are you an employer that wants to offer healthcare to your employees but priced out of traditional insurance?  Or do you want to offer something different to your employees? Do you want a high quality benefit that your employees will use and that can save you and your employees money?  Direct Primary Care can help!


Reduce Healthcare Costs:  Direct primary care can help both employees and employers save on healthcare costs by reducing their utilization of insurance.  Since all of their primary care needs are covered with the monthly membership fee, employees can see their physician as often as they’d like.  Employees don’t have to avoid seeking medical care because of high deductibles or copays. When workers actually utilize their primary care, they may avoid a visit to the emergency room.

Convenience:  DPC makes it practical for employees to seek primary care in a way that is easy and convenient for them.  We offer same or next day appointments for urgent medical topics. We also have several modes of communication with our physicians including phone appointments, video appointments, and HIPAA compliant text messaging.

Increase Attendance:  DPC can help increase your employee’s attendance by keeping them healthy. DPC encourages workers to utilize their primary care so they can avoid trips to the emergency room or urgent care clinics.  Workers are more likely to seek medical care that don’t penalize them for using them!

Attract and Retain the Best Employees: With historically low unemployment rates, small business owners have to compete to attract and retain the best employees.  Why not offer your employees a benefit that your employees will actually use, one that is different and seeks to improve your employees’ health at no additional cost to them?  DPC allows employers to offer unlimited primary care.

Increase Job Satisfaction:  When employers invest in their employees’ health, it shows that they value their employees and sets the tone for increased job satisfaction.


  • More Comprehensive Care

  • Better Access To Their Personal Physician Beyond Office Visits
  • Improved Fitness And Lifestyle Tracking

  • Video and Phone Appointments

  • Secure, convenient and  HIPAA compliant text messaging with your health care  providers

  • Decreased Monthly Health Costs (When Paired With A Low-Premium High Deductible Insurance Plan)

  • Major Discounts For Common Medical Tests

  • Better Long-Distance Care While Working And Traveling

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