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“I’ve been seeing Dr. Beda for over a year now. Scheduling is easy. I’m able to schedule appointments online, often the same week. If it’s an emergency, she’ll try to see if she can fit me in sooner. The patient messaging system is very convenient.

Wise Patient does membership plans only now. I don’t have much extra spending money but I find the membership worth it. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, it’s very important for me to find a practice where scheduling, billing, and communication are smooth and transparent, on top of a provider and care team that sincerely care about their patients.

Dr. Beda is great at going over her thought process and explaining the diagnostic tests, diagnoses, medications, and treatment plans she recommends. I don’t feel like I’m wasting her time, and I never have to wait long to be seen for appointments. The waiting room is small but welcoming, including complimentary hot Keurig drinks.

The examination rooms are always clean and tidy. I like how the equipment bins are organized and clearly labeled.”

“Consistent, swift, and human-centric care by compassionate and smart individuals. Outstanding care team. Thank you, Wise Patient!”

“Dr. Warren and his staff are so good about being thorough and making you feel comfortable during your exams. Every time I’ve gone in, I’ve left feeling like all of my questions were properly addressed. With his tips on staying healthy and constant words of encouragement, I feel I have a grip on my personal health and wellbeing.”

“I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. They were extremely helpful with my tests that needed to be done, as well as operated a professional atmosphere where I felt comfortable speaking with the doctor about my issues. All questions asked were answered without any underestimating the importance of the answer to me.”

“Rachel is honest, straightforward, compassionate and capable. Simple as that.”

“Wise Patient Internal Medicine is, hands down, the warmest, most approachable, most dedicated set of doctors I have ever come across (as either a patient or provider). Sam Warren has been my doctor for years now. He never rushes an appointment, always asks intelligent questions to help craft a plan for me to live my healthiest life, and always makes me feel like I’m in the company of a true friend who cares about me as a person (as opposed to being just another medical chart in a stack of thousands). Even though I’m rarely sick, I take great comfort in knowing that he and the rest of the Wise Patient team are always at my fingertips, fully dedicated to keeping me and my family at our best. If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the rushed, depersonalized experience common in today’s medical offices, I urge you to give Wise Patient a try. Simply put, they are the best of the best.”

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Beda for a little over 2 years. She is a kind, caring, and professional doctor. With her membership she is accessible and responsive via text and the patient portal. She always takes the time to thoroughly explain results and treatment options. I was a patient before they switched to the membership model and they gave me plenty of notice about the switch. Plus they even billed one appointment to my insurance past the membership cutover date. I’ve also recently had care from Dr. Warren and he’s just as wonderful.”