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Membership Medicine Benefits

Among the reasons patients have cited for choosing Wise Patient are:

  • UNLIMITED Primary Care
  • More Comprehensive Care
  • Better Access To Their Personal Provider Beyond Office Visits (Phone and video appointments available!)
  • Improved Fitness And Lifestyle Tracking
  • Decreased Monthly Health Costs (When Paired With A Low-Premium High Deductible Insurance Plan)
  • Major Discounts For Common Medical Tests
  • Better Long-Distance Care While Working And Traveling
  • No Copays, Co-insurance, or Deductibles For Your Care with Us

Membership details

The Wise Patient Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership Fee is: $149/month.

The membership is a flat rate monthly plan with no down payment, no minimal term, and you can discontinue at any time without penalty. It allows the doctor a smaller, more exclusive practice, about one third of a normal practice size. With fewer total patients, a provider can provide more detailed care for healthier and happier patients. Membership Medicine is an innovative way to deliver primary care that is catching on across the country.

If you’re tired of unexpected bills, confusing insurance policies, and providers who seem too rushed to listen, Direct Primary Care is for you. 

Imagine having your provider in your pocket, equally accessible by secure text message, phone call, video call, and in person, all for a predictable low monthly fee. That is Direct Primary Care at Wise Patient.  

Additional Information

  • Direct Primary Care is increasingly recognized as the gold standard for primary care. 
  • The Washington state legislature recognizes Direct Primary Care as “an innovative, affordable option which could improve access to medical care, reduce the number of people who now lack such access, and cut down on emergency room use for primary care purposes”.  
  • A large actuarial study found that Direct Primary Care members had fewer ER visits/costs, 25% lower hospital admissions, and lower risk-adjusted claim costs.  
  • The Milliman Consulting Firm now has expanded their recommendation for Direct Primary Care to many small employers and self-insured larger employers. 
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