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Membership Medicine

Are you looking for Direct Primary Care in Seattle?

Direct Primary Care, also known as Membership Medicine, is a primary care service available to you in Seattle at Wise Patient.

Think of it like a gym membership, where you pay a monthly fee to access all the services. That’s what you get with membership medicine. You pay a flat monthly membership fee and get direct access to your personal physician, including unlimited primary care. With Wise Patient Internal Medicine, you have a physician who has the time to really understand your health needs because they aren’t overbooking their schedules.

  • More Comprehensive Care

  • Better Access To Their Personal Physician Beyond Office Visits

  • Improved Fitness And Lifestyle Tracking

  • Decreased Monthly Health Costs (When paired with a Low-Premium, High Deductible insurance plan)

  • Major Discounts For Common Medical Tests

  • Better Long-Distance Care While Working And Traveling

  • Improved Fitness in partnership with MoveMend and/or Zum Fitness

  • No co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles for your care with us.

All of our physicians currently have a waitlist. Please call us at (206) 466-5937 so we can add your information to that list and we’ll call you when an opening becomes available. 

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Washington State Is Fully On Board

Washington State is fully on board with direct primary care. Permanent law RCW 48.150 “Direct Patient-Provider Primary Health Care” can be accessed at It is well written and full of appropriate patient protections. This law emphasizes that DPC practices do not bill insurance for primary care services and that patients may discontinue their membership at any time.

Still have questions about Direct Primary Care in Seattle? Call our office for clarification or check out our FAQ.