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How To Register for Membership Medicine with Wise Patient

If you’re interested in becoming a patient here at Wise Patient Internal Medicine, click the link below! 

Join The Wise Patient Wait List

Once you click it you’ll be taken to a website that will ask you for several pieces of information:

  • Personal Information: Including Name, DOB, Gender, Contact Info (Address, Email, Phone Number)
  • Select a Provider: Choose from Dr. Lee, Dr. Beda, or Dr. Warren
  • (Note that it automatically selects the “Direct Primary Care-Individual Plan”. If you’d like to select the Concierge Plan, a member from our team will follow up with you shortly after you sign up, via text or email).
  • If you have an insurance plan, select “Yes”, if not, select “No”.
    • If “Yes”, type the plan in the “Insurance Carrier” Box
    • Input your Member ID and if possible, Group Number as well
    • Select “Yes” if you have a high deductible plan, If “No”, move on to the next step
  • Upload a Payment Method
    • Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all viable
  • Read through the Membership Agreement and check both boxes
  • Click “Sign Up”


  • Log back on to our website and at the very top of the website with the menu, click on “Patient Portal”.
  • To the right, under “Sign in to your Portal Account”, find your way to “Don’t have an account?” and click the “Sign Up” link. Follow the steps and input your information to create an Athena Patient Portal Account.

For more information, call our office at 206-466-5937 or email us at