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Meet Dr. Beda

Dr. Beda joined Dr. Warren at Wise Patient Internal Medicine in 2015. Her practice considers each patient’s individual needs and strives to accommodate everyone. She identifies as the B and the Q in LGBTQ+. In addition to general primary care, Dr. Beda’s particular interests including providing gender-affirming care for transgender and non-binary adults; mental health; and medical weight loss. She is passionate about getting outdoors, and would love to help you plan any medical aspects of your next adventure, from summits to finish lines.

“I’m deeply committed to providing outstanding care focused on empathy, equity and meeting my patients where they are.”
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If you are interested in establishing with Rachel Beda, MD, please sign up for her waitlist here, call us at (206) 466-5937, or write to us at waitlist@wisepatientim.com. If you are seeking Gender-Affirming Care, indicate that where appropriate in the form.

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