March 2020 Newsletters

/March 2020 Newsletters
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On this page, find links to the newsletters that we are sending to our patients about the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the community. Read them and learn more about the current situation below!

Week of 3/30/2020

Thank you for the many kind offerings and support you, our patient family, have poured our way. Your messages warm our hearts, as have your offers of errands, virtual cups of tea, gloves, PPE from construction sites, technical skills, and much more.

Undoubtedly the hospital teams in the ICUs, ERs, and wards are waging the biggest battles and accepting the greatest personal risk. They deserve heaps of gratitude and admiration…

Week of 3/23/2020

Hello Wise Patients! First, THANK YOU. Your feedback and engagement with this publication is so appreciated. We love hearing what content is useful or educational, and encourage you to share this information with any members of your network who could benefit. We are so grateful for the opportunity to care for such an invested and conscientious community. Let’s continue supporting one another…

Week of 3/16/2020

Hello Wise Patients!

As we are sure you all are aware, the situation around COVID-19 testing is rapidly evolving. We have paid special attention to the current testing recommendations, as well as the shortages of supplies associated with testing.

Prior to the establishment of progressively stricter self-isolation recommendations (ie. no gatherings >10 people) by public health officials, we began to operate under the idea that expanding testing could help us counsel which patients needed to self-segregate from the public sphere…

Week of 3/9/2020

Hello Wise Patients!

In light of the fast-moving nature of the situation surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19, our goal is to help keep patients updated so that they may be alert, but not alarmed.

Our hope is that by doing so, all members of the Wise Patient family may be prepared to safeguard their own health, as well as contribute to the broader stability and health of our state’s communities.

Misinformation about the coronavirus has spawned fear, and in some cases, stigma to those with ancestry from high-risk areas or those undergoing quarantine. We encourage our patients to remain compassionate, support those in affected communities, and speak up in the stigmatizing comments or harassment. The coronavirus is not an excuse for stigma or assumptions of health status based on a person’s ethnicity, race, or national origin…

Special Update: Week of 3/2/2020


Hello Wise Patients! The links provided below have good information on procedures for any potential exposures to COVID-19…

Week of 3/2/2020


In light of the local outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we want to proactively communicate with patients about prevention, precautions, and risk factors. Our intention with this outreach is to keep patients informed & healthy, not to incite worry or fear.  Review the FAQ page below for relevant recommendations and information.

Please note, recommendations regarding COVID-19 from the CDC and King County Public Health are subject to change as frequently as daily. We will update this mailing as any major changes evolve (at a minimum of weekly) for the immediate future. Please refer to the CDC and KCPH resources above for most current information…