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About Wise Patient Internal Medicine

Wise Patient Internal Medicine’s core mission is to deliver excellent, comprehensive primary care medicine for a low monthly fee.  We recruit top providers who get to deliver patient care the way they envisioned when they started their medical careers, which is to provide deeply personalized medicine in an unhurried environment to each of their patients. Our patients have no barriers in reaching their provider – they can contact them anytime for questions big or small!

Our membership patients also enjoy a growing list of lifestyle health opportunities with access to services via our free voucher program and other community partnerships.

Our Providers

Janna Cuneo, NP, Nazlee Navabi, MD, and David Roesel, MD are currently accepting new patients. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please enter your contact information and provider preference here, call us at (206) 466-5937, or write to us at waitlist@wisepatientim.com.  If you are interested in establishing with either Sam Warren, MD or Rachel Beda, MD, please sign up for their waitlist here. If you are seeking Gender-Affirming Care, indicate that where appropriate in the form.

Learn about Sam Warren, MD
Learn about Rachel Beda, MD
Learn about Nazlee Navabi, MD
Learn about Janna Cuneo, ARNP
Learn about David Roesel, MD


Our primary care providers are equipped to deal with most problems a patient brings — from common to rare, simple to complex. They are specially trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle advanced chronic illnesses and situations where several different illnesses are interacting with one another. Learn more below.

Conditions We Treat

If you’re tired of unexpected bills, confusing insurance policies, and providers who seem too rushed to listen, Direct Primary Care is for you. 

Imagine having your provider in your pocket, equally accessible by secure text message, phone call, video call, and in person, all for a predictable low monthly fee. That is Direct Primary Care at Wise Patient.  

Wise Patient offers unique benefits for our patients:

  • The quality of your medical care. The average time a primary care provider spends with each patient is debated. Whatever that average is, we blow the doors off it at Wise Patient and will never compromise your health by overbooking our schedules. Additionally, our patients get access to steeply discounted cash-price blood tests and off-site medical imaging we have negotiated on their behalf. 

  • The quality of your providers. To recruit and retain the very best to Wise Patient, we create and facilitate an experience that resembles what that provider envisioned when they first entered the medical field. 

Direct Primary Care is increasingly recognized as the gold standard for primary care. 

 The Washington state legislature recognizes Direct Primary Care as “an innovative, affordable option which could improve access to medical care, reduce the number of people who now lack such access, and cut down on emergency room use for primary care purposes”.  

A large actuarial study found that Direct Primary Care members had fewer ER visits/costs, 25% lower hospital admissions, and lower risk-adjusted claim costs.  

The Milliman Consulting Firm now has expanded their recommendation for Direct Primary Care to many small employers and self-insured larger employers. 


Read our reviews and leave us a review with the icons and links below!

   : Sam Warren | Rachel Beda | Nazlee Navabi | Janna Cuneo | David Roesel

“I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. They were extremely helpful with my tests that needed to be done, as well as operated a professional atmosphere where I felt comfortable speaking with the doctor about my issues. All questions asked were answered without any underestimating the importance of the answer to me.”

“Rachel is honest, straightforward, compassionate and capable. Simple as that.”

“Dr. Warren was really great. He took the time to listen to all of my concerns and explain everything to me on a basic level so that it was easy to understand. He was not rushed and seemed to really care about his patients. He went over different options with me and made sure that I was getting the best treatment for me, not just prescribing something right away.”

“My experience was excellent — the staff was knowledgeable, sympathetic, and breezily competent. In fact, I’d say I have never had a better experience in a medical setting. I should recommend the services of Sam Warren to my own mother.”

“Dr. Warren and his staff are so good about being thorough and making you feel comfortable during your exams. Every time I’ve gone in, I’ve left feeling like all of my questions were properly addressed. With his tips on staying healthy and constant words of encouragement, I feel I have a grip on my personal health and wellbeing.

“Consistent, swift and human-centric care by compassionate and smart individuals. Outstanding care team. Thank you, Wise Patient!”