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Membership Medicine Benefits

Among the reasons patients have cited for choosing Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine are:

  • UNLIMITED Primary Care
  • More Comprehensive Care
  • Better Access To Their Personal Physician Beyond Office Visits (Phone and video appointments available!)
  • Improved Fitness And Lifestyle Tracking
  • Decreased Monthly Health Costs (When Paired With A Low-Premium High Deductible Insurance Plan)
  • Major Discounts For Common Medical Tests
  • Better Long-Distance Care While Working And Traveling
  • Improved Fitness in partnership with MoveMend and/or Zum Fitness


Membership details

The Wise Patient Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership Fee is: $125/month, effective July 1, 2021. The Concierge Medicine (CM) Membership Fee is: $100/month, effective July 1.

Patients who have Medicare MUST select Concierge Membership, and as of January 1, 2022, we will no longer offer Concierge memberships to Non-Medicare patients.

The membership is a flat rate monthly plan with no down payment, no minimal term, and you can discontinue at any time without penalty. It allows the doctor a smaller more exclusive practice, about one third of a normal practice size. With fewer total patients, a physician can provide more detailed care which should result in healthier happier patients. Membership Medicine is an innovative way to deliver primary care that is catching on across the country.

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