1/26/2022: A New Face!

//1/26/2022: A New Face!
1/26/2022: A New Face! 2022-03-31T11:28:40-08:00
January 26, 2022


Dear Wise Patients-

My name is Nazlee Navabi. I am honored and excited to be joining the team providing your primary care and I want to share a little bit about myself.

I was initially drawn to medicine because it offered me the opportunity to work at the intersection of science, people and service. My first mentor was my uncle, a pediatric heart surgeon who practices in Tehran. I was impressed not only with his expertise but even more so by his warmth and compassion. Medical school confirmed for me that the most rewarding part of medicine stemmed from the relationships with patients so I decided to pursue an area that would put the patient-doctor relationship on a pedestal. I trained at the University of Washington in the primary care track through the Internal Medicine Residency. Since completing training in 2017 I worked at Harborview Medical Center providing primary care to people living with HIV.  I cherish the bonds I formed with dear colleagues and with resilient patients who shared their fears and successes with me over the years.

With the stressors on the system that the pandemic imposed I felt that primary care in the traditional model took a hit that it could not afford and my patients were having a hard time accessing their primary care at a time when they really needed it. As a Wise Patient myself 😉 I noticed that WPIM was better situated for weathering this storm and showing up for patients. The opportunity presented itself for me to join and I felt compelled and excited to do so. What drew me to become a patient at WPIM and what now draws me to practice here is the warmth of the physicians and health coaches and the fact that the Direct Primary Care model prioritizes time with patients and ease of access to their primary care team. We can confidently put the patient-doctor relationship front and center, and I believe this makes all the difference.

I am sincerely looking forward to meeting you.



p.s. In the photo I am with my husband Jake and our 3 sons, Elan (3.5 years old), Arya & Ben (1.5 years old—twins!)