2/16/2022: Updates on All Fronts

//2/16/2022: Updates on All Fronts
2/16/2022: Updates on All Fronts 2022-03-31T12:01:35-08:00
February 16, 2022

New Face!

Hello everyone, my name is Ash (he/him). I am first year medical student at UW, and I will be completing my one-year primary care preceptorship at Wise Patient Internal Medicine this year. I have had the opportunity to meet some of you and am excited to meet more of you throughout the year. My future goal is to provide holistic care for my patients that integrates behavioral and physical health with a special focus on underserved populations including the LGBTQ+ community and people experiencing substance use. I grew up north of Seattle in Bellingham and am growing accustomed to the big city life. Outside of school, I enjoy going on walks at different parks and trying out new restaurants/cafes around the city. I look forward to meeting and learning from all of you!


Still need a Moderna Covid booster?

Due to decreased demand, we have reduced our vaccination days from Wednesdays and Thursdays to only Thursdays between 9:00AM – 2:00PM. We will also begin offering our extra vaccine supply to the general public.

If you would like to make an appointment for yourself (as a member of Wise Patient Internal Medicine) please click the link here (https://consumer.scheduling.athena.io?locationId=3511-2&practitionerId=3511-3).

If you know someone 18+ who would like a Moderna booster who is not a patient at Wise Patient, please have them complete the following steps to sign up for a vaccine appointment:

1) Go to this link (https://consumer.scheduling.athena.io?locationId=3511-2&practitionerId=3511-13)
Patient type – select “New”
Specialty – “Unknown Provider” and Reason for visit – “COVID-19 Vaccine” should auto-fill

2) Select desired appointment date/time

3) Fill out the patient information section. In the Insurance box please type: “N/A”

4) Schedule appointment

Human and Environmental Health Spotlight:

Hi all! For those of you who I have not yet met, my name is Ali Gibbs. I am a family nurse practitioner student primarily working with Dr. Beda until April of this year. I am passionate about the health of humans and the environment. My goal is to provide you all with interesting articles, facts, and education to create awareness and learn together to improve personal and planetary health.

We are all aware of the personal impacts COVID-19 has had to our own daily lives. This article was written in June of 2020  by Renee Cho, a staff writer for the Columbia Climate School.  The article is titled “COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects On Climate Change- For Better or Worse” and does a great job of building awareness and providing some positivity! I hope you enjoy this article, and as always, I am open to any questions.

This next article was written by Ellen Barry of the New York Times, titled “Climate Change Enters the Therapy Room”. This article underlines the very real experience of climate change anxiety.

*Tip of the week*:  While we are still masking up, make sure to dispose of masks and other PPE (e.g., gloves and disinfectant wipes) securely in garbage cans . You can use this tool to find out how to properly dispose of items in Seattle, WA: https://www.seattle.gov/utilities/your-services/collection-and-disposal/where-does-it-go#/a-z